Veteran Testimonials

  • Kyle Piper & Keith Reinert

    Kyle Piper & Keith Reinert

    Specialist, Army | 2012-2018
    We’re very proud of our sons, both of our above mentioned sons enlisted in the Army. Our older boy was infantry and our younger son flew drones. We are extremely happy both came home safely.
  • Frederick Lee Sullivan

    Frederick Lee Sullivan

    Georgetown, Ohio
    I am voting for my husband who served honorably in both of the above mentioned services. He is very proud of his time in the service and still today even though it has been many years since he was discharged talks about his time in the service and encourages young people to join up and serve.He never fails to vote. When 911 happened at the Twin Towers, he said he wished he was young again so he could go fiight for our country!
  • David L. Mapes

    David L. Mapes

    MM3 E-4, Navy | 1966 - 1969
    Geauga, Co. OH
    Dave presented hundreds of home made "Thank you for your service" plaques to veterans everywhere he went. He recently passed and our county will miss him.
  • Earl Glendenning, Jr.

    Earl Glendenning, Jr.

    Army | 06/09/1943-01/01/1946
    My Father was both a medic and an MP in WWII. He inspired my brothers to follow in his footsteps to serve our country and fight for our freedoms. My Brother, Earl G. Glendenning, served in the Navy from 01/22/1962 to 01/21/69 and my other Brother, Ray G. Glendenning, served in the Army from 06/1966 to 09/1994.
  • Stephen Dickey

    Stephen Dickey

    E-4, US Army | 4 years
    I followed in the footsteps of my father and grandfather. I served 20 years and retired from the US Air Force. My father and grandfather served to protect our right to vote and I choose to exercise that right!
  • Henry Woods

    Henry Woods

    Private, Army | 6 years
    Chillicothe ohio
    My great grandfather fought during WWII. I learned that he fought for the right for me to be able to vote and so I have voted every time I could since I turned 18.
  • John Thacker

    John Thacker

    Private first class, Army | 6 years
    Pikeville, kentucky
    My great grandfather fought during WWII and taught me that he fought for the right for me to be able to vote. He got frost bite in France and fought in European theater. I have voted every election since I turned 18! To me he was a great veteran and I am proud of him serving our county and giving me the opportunity to vote!
  • Isaac Royer

    Isaac Royer

    Sergeant, Marines | 2015-2019
    Columbus, Ohio
    My son enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps right after he graduated from high school - rather than take the same path directly to a four-year college degree as 90% of his classmates. It was a bold choice then that he had to convince his father and I to support, but he was determined and committed to his chosen path. As an 18-year-old, who had never been away from home on his own, he spent 13 weeks at boot camp - including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years - with no communication with anyone at home other than writing letters that sometimes took weeks to arrive. Now, four years later, he's enrolled in college. I want to honor him with my vote this year, because his decision as a very young man to serve to our country opened my eyes to what it means to be a military parent. Until I experienced the sheer joy of having "boots in the house" after long periods of absence and worry, I did not truly appreciate the sacrifices made by our active duty military, their families, and all veterans.
  • Vernon Baker

    Vernon Baker

    Corporal , Army Airforce | WWII
    Carlisle, OH
    My grandfather, Vernon Baker, is my inspiration for a lot of what I do in my life. He served in World War II and served in the China, Burma, India Theater in the Army Airforce as a Corporal. He and all of the brave men and women who serve or served in our armed forces gave us and protect our right to vote. So I vote because of him!
  • Robert Haas

    Robert Haas

    Air Force
    Bowling Green
    Robert is my grandfather, he pasted away of cancer a few years ago. While I don’t know a lot about his service in regards what he did or his years but I do know he was in his 70’s when he passed and was an active member of VFW Post 1148 in Bowling Green Ohio. He was a big factor in my joining the Navy to carry on the family legacy of honored service.

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