Veteran Testimonials

  • G Michael Click

    G Michael Click

    Sergeant, Army | 1969 to 1973
    Columbus Ohio
    My Veteran was in Viet Man and Thailand during his tour of duty. He proudly served his country and was exposed to Agent Orange which is now impacting his life. He is still proud of his time in the service.
  • Robert W Barnett

    Robert W Barnett

    Lieutenant, Navy | 1934-1940/1941-1947 (active duty)
    Minerva, OH
    My grandfather graduated from high school in 1932, during the height of the Great Depression. He enlisted in the United States Navy and was finally able to begin serving in 1934 because of the backlog of American men who looked to the military for steady employment. He returned to civilian life in 1940. Upon hearing of the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, and with his wife seven months pregnant with their first child (my mother), he was standing in line at the recruitment office in Canton, OH first thing on Monday morning December 8, 1941. He explained to his father that he was re-enlisting because his country needed him. By December 13, 1941 he was on a ship carrying ammunition in the Pacific. After separation from the Navy, he continued to serve in the Naval Reserve until he reached retirement age. It is because of the sacrifices of my grandfather and other family members that "I Vote In Honor Of A Veteran".
  • Michael J Tobin

    Michael J Tobin

    E-4 Senior Airman, Air Force | 02/23/1999 -2003
    Warren Ohio
  • Theodore A Pifer

    Theodore A Pifer

    E9 - Chief Master Sergeant , Air Force | 8/31/1981 - 9/01/2014
    Warren Ohio
    My brother was deployed several times in this time frame. He missed some of the most joyous and some of the hardest times his family faced. He is a patriot who has served his country and I honor him.
  • Galen "Rick" Richter

    Galen "Rick" Richter

    Master Sergeant, Air Force | 1972 - 1992
    currently Las Vegas, NV; originally Toledo, OH
    Galen "Rick" Richter is my father. And, though his service in the military caused us to not spend much time together, we've grown closer since his retirement. Here's to all the relatives who sacrifice so much personally, for the betterment and protection of us all!
  • George F Bjorling

    George F Bjorling

    Air Force
    I am so proud of my Father who wanted so bad to serve! He wanted to be a pilot but near to the end of WW2 they didnt need as many pilots So he chose to go to St. Lucia as a meteoroligist for the duration of his service. He is 93 and still going to the Ymca to exercise!
  • Idella Sledge

    Idella Sledge

    SP4, US Army | 1983-1986
    Detroit, Michigan
    I vote in honor of my sister, SP4 Idella Sledge, who proudly served as a medic in the US Army and laid to rest on January 4, 2019, at the Dayton National Cemetery.
  • Ike Brewer

    Ike Brewer

    ?, Army | World War 1
    He left home, joined the army and shipped of to Europe to fight in WWI. He had no idea how long he would be gone or if he would ever come home. I am intrigued by his willingness to risk it all.


    E-6, Navy | 1993-1997
    Zanesville Ohio
    As a proud Vet with family full of them I want to Honor my Baby Brother was A Gentle Giant at 6'7" A dynamo who sadly lost his life in 2010 it wasn't the multiple war deployments that broke him but holding one of his 6 yr old twins dying in his arms after being hit by a car down a ravine at a boy scout event. Shane was strong as they come Highly intelligent widely skilled Generous Kind and a man of faith and pillar of his community His wife and 3 boys were his world. I miss him and wish he could see the changes happening for the better in this world. I morn for the Greatness this world and his boys lost that day. SUGAR Shane Lightle your sis if still fighting the good fight and We are winning Finally getting out endless pointless wars looks highly probable. Lend me your light and protection with your wings. PTSD is a bitch and kills so many.I love and Muss you massively Know you are keeping watch over your New Nephew Kennedy he reminds me so much of you
  • Wesley "Buck" Regnier

    Wesley "Buck" Regnier

    Petty Officer, USN | WWII
    I voted in honor of my Grampa Regnier who was on the USS Pensacola during WWII.

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