Veteran Testimonials

  • George F. Rruff

    George F. Rruff

    Lt Col/O-5, USAF | 1941 - 1965
    Redlands, CA
    My father was completely dedicated to our country. He served 24 years, through WWII and the Korean War. He instilled in us his love and loyalty for the US, pride in our servicemen and servicewomen, and the desire to give back in service to our wonderful country. With his encouragement and blessing my brother served in the USMC during Vietnam and I proudly served 24 years in the USAF during Vietnam and the Gulf Wars. The examples he set daily by molded our thoughts and actions. There could have been no more inspiring an individual than my father.
  • Frances  Whitehurst

    Frances Whitehurst

    KIA 1942 France, Army
    Phila. PA
  • Robert M. Alder

    Robert M. Alder

    Tech 5, Army | 1942-1945
    Phila. PA
  • Williamm R Clark

    Williamm R Clark

  • Nelson D Tremaine

    Nelson D Tremaine

    Corporal, Marine Corp | August 1951-1954
    My father was in the Korean War. My father lives with me now, he asked if I wanted to join the VFW Auxiliary I said yes, this was 2 years ago. This is our time together going to the post. I have learned a lot about our veterans and what we need to fight with the government to aid our veterans. This picture was taken 8/19/2018 in front of the house. I sew patches for bikers, dad said he wanted a vest to, so the vest he is wearing I made for him.
  • Robert Calvin Smith

    Robert Calvin Smith

    E5, US Army | 1981-2009
    Cleveland Ohio
    Served in Desert Storm and War on Terror in Iraq. Also did a hardship tour in Korea and then Germany. Served both Active and Reserve.
  • Richard Morgan,CSM Retired

    Richard Morgan,CSM Retired

    CSM/E-9, U.S. Army | Unknown-1997
    CSM Morgan was a genuine father figure who quickly earned the respect of his soldiers,and now I am proud to call him my friend and still ask his advice. A true Soldier and family man.
  • Edward John Zeitner, Jr

    Edward John Zeitner, Jr

    Midshipman, Navy | WWII
    Tripp, South Dakota
    My uncle graduated from high school into the Navy. His sights were on flying, but his eyesight didn't make the grade. He shared a few humorous stories and gave us to believe his service was unremarkable. However, when he returned home to the quiet prairies of his home town, he warned grandma to wake him from the doorway of his room by calling his name; never to gently jostle his shoulder as she did when he a teen. We never knew what he saw, but he clearly could not un-see it. He went quietly on to earn his degree in chemistry by way of the GI bill and subsequently earned 6 patents during his professional life. Every time I vote, I honor him and his father, Edward John Zeitner Sr, a veteran of World War I.
  • Robert Halley

    Robert Halley

    Petty officer, Navy | 1940's
    Canton, Ohio
  • Jerome Zimmer

    Jerome Zimmer

    Spec 4, Army | 1970

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