Veteran Testimonials

  • Thomas J. Morris

    Thomas J. Morris

    Sergeant First Class (SFC), Army ( Ohio National Guard) | 16+ years and counting
    East Cleveland
    The voice of each and every Ohioan is heard through voting. Midterm and Primary elections are where their volume is magnified by volumes to make change and create hope for generations to come. I vote because it’s my service and human right to be heard, so, I encourage you all to join me, in unison, at the polls!
  • Jacob W.Ginn

    Jacob W.Ginn

    Master Sergeant , Air Force | 20 Years
    Leavittsburg Ohio
    I would like to vote in honor of my father who dedicated his life to the military most of his life. He was such a strong person who taught us so much about life and respecting others. He worked all his life to take care of his family.
  • Anthony L. Malice

    Anthony L. Malice

    Sergeant, Army | 1969-1970
    The only Woodstock my father knew was on an M16!
  • Robert M. Alder

    Robert M. Alder

    Private, Army | 1942-1944
    Phila. PA
    My grandfather my hero
  • David Yanez, Sr.

    David Yanez, Sr.

    My daddy, David, was a 1st generation American of Mexican heritage. He always stressed the importance of voting and made sure we knew it was an honor and privilege to be an American. I vote in his name and my heart always swells with pride as I cast my ballot.
  • James M Haskins

    James M Haskins

    Staff Seargent, Air Force | 1964 to 1970
    Heath ohio
    James served 2 hours in Vietnam. He worked on Aircraft to make sure instruments were all working. Since leaving the Air Force he is serving in the VFW. He had held several offices. He helps his fellow Veterans, he promotes Veterans issues and Honors fallen Veterans by serving on the Honor Guard He attends many services for Veterans attends Conferences and National conventions. He really cares about his fellow Veterans. James is very active with his VFW POST and supports all activities. He attended the University of Michigan after serving his country. He helps place wteaths on Veterans graves as well as Flags on a regular basis no matter what the weather may be. I can say James is a true Veteran who really cares about his military brothers and sisters.
  • james rohrbough

    james rohrbough

    cpl, us army | 1943-1945
    reinersville ohio
    d day and served in patton's troup across france
  • walter matheny

    walter matheny

    sgt, us army | ww1
    zanesville ohio
    he was proud to serve, we still have some of his kit. family is proud of his service
  • Raymond W. Knispel

    Raymond W. Knispel

    Corpsman, Navy - USNR | Vietnam
    Edinburg, Ohio
    My father joined the Navy and served also with the 5/3 Marines since he was a Corpsman. He recently passed away of Mantle Cell Lympomna which was determined to be an effect from the Agent Orange. January 6th 2020.
  • Richard H Zulch

    Richard H Zulch

    Private, US Army--101st Airborne | Vietnam
    Jerry City
    Richard was in the US Army 101st Airborne and was deployed to Vietnam. He was instrumental in building the Bob Hope stage. He is dedicated to the veterans needs and fights for their rights.

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