Veteran Testimonials

  • David K. Root

    David K. Root

    E-5, U.S. Navy | April, 1966 - January, 1970
    I was out at sea for the National Election the first time I was old enough to vote and new nothing about absentee ballots so I didn't vote. I have not missed an election since that time.
  • Steve A Armstrong

    Steve A Armstrong

    U.S. Army
  • Hulet Arms

    Hulet Arms

    Sargeant, USAF | 1950-1954
    Davenport, VA
  • Samuel L. Breckenridge

    Samuel L. Breckenridge

    Sgt., Marine Corps | 7 years
    Canal Winchester, Ohio
    My veteran is my son and my hero. He joined the Marine Corps on the delayed entry plan when he was a senior in high school at the age of 17, just 5 months after the start of the Iraq ware and when all his friends were busy choosing colleges. Voting in honor of my son makes me very proud and is a very humbling experience.
  • Norman W Tiplady

    Norman W Tiplady

    Ensign, Navy | 2nd world war
    Neapolis, OH
    My father left school and joined the Navy to serve his country during the 2nd World War.
  • James C. Albaugh

    James C. Albaugh

    Sgt, Air Force | 1962-1970
    St Clarisville, OH
    This veteran served his country with Honor. He is current sick and will not be able to physically vote this year. Elections are an important this of the year and he has always taken this duty seriously. I would like to vote in honor of him and his service and sacrifice to our great nation.
  • James A Meyer

    James A Meyer

    Spec 4, US Army | 1966-1967
    Weston, Ohio
    Others take paths already worn, heroes like you create new ones.
  • James A Meyer

    James A Meyer

    US Army
    Weston, Ohio
  • William H. Stepp

    William H. Stepp

    Technical Sargent, Air Force | 1943-1945
    Jackson, Ohio
    Bill Stepp was my father in law. He served in WW II and survived 2 plane crashes. One crash was in occupied France. He had to be hidden in a French family's barn until he could be rescued. The other crash was in Ipswich, England and was on take-of. Many crew members died. Bill survived, but suffered from his injuries all his life. He was a good, Christian man.
  • George Horejsei

    George Horejsei

    Master Sergeant, Army | 4 Years
    George Horejsei was my uncle; he was a Korean war veteran. He died in June, 2013; he was 84 years old. He was very proud of his family and his army service time. He was a Korean war veteran.

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