Veteran Testimonials

  • Donald E. McCoy, Sr.

    Donald E. McCoy, Sr.

    Sargent , Airforce/Army | 20+ years
    My uncle Donald enlisted in 1948/49 in the Airforce with the assistance of an old country doctor. While in basic training, he suffered a severe inner ear injury while rappelling down a mountain. He was forced to transfer to the Army, where he was stationed in England, then sent to Korea where he completed 2 assignments. He then volunteered to go to Vietnam so my youngest uncle would not be drafted. He remained in the Reserves until he suffered a heart attack/stroke one Thanksgiving night. He lived in a comatose state for several months. After regaining consciousness he had to live in VA facilities that provided 24/7 care, because he had to learn to eat, speak, walk, etc. again. He passed in 1992, but remains one of my great hero's.
  • Raymond A Ferry

    Raymond A Ferry

    Military Police, Army | Korean War
    McKenzie Tennessee
    This man left his young family to be part of the Korean war. He served active duty in the battlefield and also was part of the Military Police. He was a brave man who believed in the American way of life and fought to support it. With what is going on regarding North Korea, I can not help but think about him and is service to America. For all of those who have served and are serving our Great Country, Thanks for your time, devotion, sacrifice, and unselfishness. You are not forgotten!
  • Larry Stirling

    Larry Stirling

    Navy | 1984 - 1990
    Columbus, OH
    For the time you spent protecting our freedom, I exercise my right to vote.
  • Robert F. Harmon Sr.

    Robert F. Harmon Sr.

    Sgt., Army | WWII
    Columbus, Ohio
    I vote to honor the sacrifice my father made during WWII and Normandy. I also served during Viet Nam and take voting as a duty and honor of being an American.
  • Caleb Josey Wales cloud

    Caleb Josey Wales cloud

    Petty Officer 2nd Class, Navy | 4 years
    Jeffersonville Ohio
    Caleb is the youngest of my 4 sons. He demonstrated a strong commitment to this country and the values it represents by enlisting in the Navy right out of High School. He was stationed in Japan, aboard two separate Guided Missile Cruisers for all but a few months of his enlistment. The Navy has turned him into a confident and honorable young man. He is now married to a fellow Navy Servicewoman and dealing with the separation issues of her being deployed on an Aircraft carrier.
  • Michelle Girves

    Michelle Girves

    Private, Air Force | 1 year
    Columbus, OH
    Michelle Girves continues to exemplify the values of our U.S. military, e.g. integrity, honesty, bravery and duty to country. She is a role model for others and I'm proud to know her.
  • Todd Cogar

    Todd Cogar

    E4, AF | 4 years
    Loveland, Ohio
    Todd is a very proud veteran of the armed forces who would do it all over again, which is very commendable to me only being able to imagine the amount of sacrifice it must take to do what he did, and still does, for other veterans today and invites others to join him. I was fortunate enough to join Todd and greet veterans returning from Washington, D.C. as part of the honor flight's return to the Cincinnati Airport. It was an experience I will never forget, not only being there with Todd and seeing how emotional he became, but the smiles and tears from the veterans of WWII, Vietnam, etc, who never had a parade, or were warmly accepted, when they returned from the horror of war. Todd is someone you want to get closer to and be around. He exhibits all of the traits and values expected of a serviceman. I've always been very proud of all of the sacrifices made throughout our history by our brave men and women who never faltered when duty called and Todd is in that category for me and something I've never had before. A hero. I now have a constant reminder in my life to remind me not to take things for granted.
  • Andrew B. Dennison

    Andrew B. Dennison

    A1C, U S Air Force | Korean Conflict
    New Richmond, Ohio
    My father joined the Air Force during the Korean Conflict and returned to civilian life after enlistment and continued courageous advocacy throughout his life.

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