Veteran Testimonials

  • Melvin F Shaffer Jr

    Melvin F Shaffer Jr

    Unknown, Vietnam | Unknown
    Melvin is my uncle and hasnt been reconized for his service...He served in Vietnam and watched a friend of his die in action...He also is retired from Grimes Aerospace for numerous years...He does have ptsd and aging orange due to his service...I believe he needs to be honored for his service and dedication to our country...
  • Dale Shetler

    Dale Shetler

    Command Sergeant Major , Army | 1985-present
    North Liberty, Indiana
    I dedicate my votes and my service as an election official to my nephew Dale Shetler and look forward to his safe return from his current deployment.
  • Glen E Niederkohr

    Glen E Niederkohr

    Not sure, Navy | WWII
    My father got to Pearl Harbor the day after. He told different stories to me as I am active in VFW aux and Veterans Heritage Foundation of Wyandot County
  • Glenn Krebs

    Glenn Krebs

    Army | 1969-1971
    Wakeman Ohio
    My Dad is my hero. He served in Vietnam with the 101st airborne division.
  • Jerry W. Kerr

    Jerry W. Kerr

    Sgt, U.S. Marine Corps | 1967-1971
    Columbus, Ohio
    I vote to honor the sacrifice my husband made while serving in the U.S. Marine Corps. He served for 4 years, had a tour of Vier Nam for 13 months, and died from Agent Orange at the age of 68. He was a proud Marine, loved his country, and loved what being a Veteran stood for. I encourage others to vote and to Thank a Veteran whenever possible.
  • Gavin Lee Neighbor

    Gavin Lee Neighbor

    Cpl, US Army | June 2002 - June 2003 (KIA)
    New Lexington, Ohio
    Gavin, my sister's only son, was determined to make things right after 9/11. He joined the 82nd Airborne and was Killed In Action on June 10, 2003 in Iraq. I'm an "old vet", why do we have to lose the young ones?
  • Michael Bonham

    Michael Bonham

    AZAN, US Navy | Jan.1967 - Oct. 1970
    Bloomville, Ohio
    Mike volunteered to join and went to Vietnam twice. I am proud to be married to a Veteran and I am proud of who he is.
  • Bruce Zachrich

    Bruce Zachrich

    US Army | 1966-1969
    Bruce Zachrich was a very proud veteran who fought in Vietnam and was buried last year after passing away in his uniform. Bruce was my cousin and very patriotic. He even worked as a poll worker as I work at the board of elections and needed someone. I find myself very proud when I cast my vote each election using the opportunity that I have been given by many men and women such as Bruce.
  • Larry Libbee

    Larry Libbee

    PFC, Marines | 7/1966 to 11/3/1966
    . He was very patriotic and my family was very honored & proud that he wanted to serve his country. In high school he talked about joining the Marines. On October 3, 1966 he arrived in Vietnam Nam and was killed on November 3, 1966. So proud of my brother to sacrifice his life for our great country.
  • David Murrell Butts, Sr.

    David Murrell Butts, Sr.

    Chief Petty Officer, Navy | 35 years
    Xenia, Ohio

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