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Vote! All you need to know for the state legislative August 2, 2022 Primary/Special election.

1. Military and overseas absentee voting begins June 17th. 2. Deadline to register to vote is July 5th. 3. Early in-person voting and absentee voting by mail begins July 6th.

  • Learn how Ohio's elections are secure!

  • Sign up to be a poll worker!

  • Register to vote by July 5, 2022

  • Find your district


Ohio runs successful elections, even in the most difficult times. Whether you vote early in-person on the weekend at your board of elections, by absentee ballot, or on Election Day, you know that your voice matters and your vote is counted. How can you be sure? Ohio counties run post-election audits after every. single. election. Find out more.

Be sure to thank the hard-working men and women at your board of elections and polling place who dedicate their time to ensuring fair, accurate, and secure elections to defend our democracy. Find out how you can be a poll worker.