Election Security Fact Sheet

OHIO’S ELECTIONS ARE SECURE. VOTING EQUIPMENT IS CERTIFIED. Federal & bipartisan state experts test, examine, and certify all voting equipment as secure. SAFELY STORING VOTING EQUIPMENT. Ballots and machines are all locked with tamper proof seals and stored behind double locked doors that may only be accessed when unlocked together by Republican and Democratic election officials. TESTING. Before voting begins, voting machines and tabulators go through a full battery of logic and accuracy testing by a biparisan team to ensure they work properly and have not been manipulated. Voters in more than half of all Ohio counties utilize paper ballots to cast their vote. All electronic voting machines in Ohio have a voter-verified paper trail. Ohio’s voting machines and tabulators are never connected to the internet. BALLOTS STAY SECURE. Each of Ohio’s 88 county boards of elections has TWO REPUBLICAN members and TWO DEMOCRATIC members. Any handling of ballots or voting equipment must take place by bipartisan team of election officials. All precincts are staffed by a bipartisan group of poll workers and open to the media and poll observers. Absentee voters can track the status of their ballot just like a package at VoteOhio.gov. To vote absentee, a ballot MUST be requested by a voter. Ohio does not send absentee ballots to every registered voter. Absentee voters must then complete and sign the identification envelope. VOTER LIST MAINTENANCE. As required by federal and state law, Ohio has a robust voter registration list that goes through a regular maintenance process to ensure out-of-date and abandoned registrations are removed from the voter rolls. AUDITS ENSURE ACCURACY. Throughout the election, boards reconcile voter lists and ensure no votes were counted twice. Any attempts to do so are referred for prosecution. After an election, every county conducts a post-election audit. All audits are open to the public. STATEWIDE RESULTS SHOW A 99.98% ACCURACY RATE IN THE 2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.