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Secretary LaRose Announces Initiative To Recruit Lawyers To Serve As Poll Workers

COLUMBUS – The Ohio Supreme Court issued an order allowing Ohio attorneys to receive required Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit for serving as precinct election officials on Election Day this fall. The decision supports the Secretary’s Ready for November initiative by recruiting new poll workers to ensure Ohio voters have a safe, secure and fair election.

“Safe and accessible in-person voting is essential, and that requires large numbers of dedicated poll workers who will deliver accurate, accessible, secure, elections for their fellow Ohioans,” Secretary LaRose said. “The smart, hard-working, patriotic men and women who practice law in our state are ideally suited for this crucial public service.”

Poll workers are essential to running elections. Ohio's 88 county Boards of Elections have historically relied on over 35,000 patriotic Ohioans to operate voting locations and assist fellow voters with casting a ballot. With more than 65% of Ohio poll workers being age 61 or over, there is a concern that many may choose not to serve this November due to the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on older populations. To address this, Secretary LaRose has made poll worker recruitment a top priority.

Currently there are over 49,000 licensed attorneys in Ohio who are ideally suited to serve our communities as poll workers. Their attention to detail and ability to quickly grasp the nuances of the responsibility make them ideal candidates to be on the front lines of our democratic process. Attorneys in Ohio are required to complete 24 hours of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) every two years.

“Ohio attorneys have a long record of public service,” Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor said. “I can think of no greater opportunity for lawyers in Ohio to give back to our state than to get involved on election day and help fill the urgent need for poll workers.”

Spearheaded by the Elections Division at the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office and the Ohio Association of Elections Officials, LaRose’s office petitioned the court for this change beginning last year. Yesterday’s order by the Ohio Supreme Court makes a temporary rule change to allow any Ohio attorney who serves as a poll worker to receive CLE credits.

This order makes Ohio the first state in the nation to take this innovative approach to strengthening elections and better preparing for November. Lawyers who are interested in serving should sign up to be a poll worker at


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