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LaRose Applauds General Assembly Passage of Urgently Needed Election Funding

Today Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose thanked the General Assembly for their leadership in taking swift action to provide critical emergency funding to Ohio’s 88 county boards of elections. LaRose requested the $9 million appropriation to help elections officials manage the unprecedented demands of preparing for the upcoming May 3rd primary election.

“We’re facing one of the most challenging elections in the history of our state, second only to the pandemic election of 2020,” said LaRose. “Our elections officials will work tirelessly to get this done, but they desperately need these additional resources to make it happen. They’re working triple overtime in some cases, all while dealing with supply chain issues and a very short timeframe to make sure candidates get certified, ballots get printed, and voting machines get programmed and tested.”

LaRose added that a nearly five-month delay in getting U.S. Census data to the Redistricting Commission combined with the nearly six months consumed by court delays related to ongoing litigation over district plans has put the boards of elections in a difficult but not impossible situation.

“We’re doing the best we can to carry out the General Assembly’s directive to hold a primary election on May 3rd that includes local, state and federal races. This additional funding will help the boards of elections mitigate some of the additional overhead burden they’ll face while also avoiding the significantly higher cost of a bifurcated primary. Bipartisan election officials are working to address this massive challenge, but we will never cut corners when it comes to access or security. This funding will help us deliver on that crucial mission. I want to especially thank Senate President Matt Huffman and House Speaker Bob Cupp for their leadership in getting this done.”

Once signed by Governor DeWine, the funding allocated in Senate Bill 9 will be dispersed to county boards of elections at the discretion of the Secretary of State’s office. These important resources will be utilized for overtime & temporary labor, additional support by board vendors for database reprogramming and election management, as well as ballot production and printing.

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