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November’s General Election Resulted In 18 Tied Races Statewide

Official Canvassing Results Reaffirm That Every Vote Matters

Upon the completion of the official canvassing of election results across Ohio from the November 2nd General Election, eighteen races resulted in a tie that had to be determined by coin flip or by some similar method. In all, following the official statewide canvass, twelve candidate races and six local issue races ended in ties. While tied candidate races are ultimately decided by a coin flip administered by the county board of elections, issue races resulting in a tie are defeated, as Ohio law requires a majority of affirmative votes for passage.

“In November, eighteen different local races in eighteen different counties ended in a tie, and any single, solitary voter would have made the difference in the outcome,” said Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose. “Every Ohioan has the uniquely American ability to impact how we are all governed, and I encourage each eligible Ohioan to register to vote and participate in every election. These election results are proof positive that your vote matters.”

Under Ohio law, the tie is broken by the board of elections to determine the winner, either by flipping a coin or by other methods, such as drawing straws, picking a name written on paper out of a hat, or cutting cards. Following the November election, all but two of the tied races were determined by a coin flip; Fulton County and Shelby County chose to decide on its winner of the Metamora Village Council race and the Jackson Center Village Council by randomly drawing the winning name of the tied candidates.

While winners have been declared in these races, because they were so close, a recount was performed.

Ohio Recounts

Under Ohio law, a board of elections must order the automatic recount for any county, municipal, township, school district race, local question, or issue election wholly contained within the county when the difference between votes cast for a declared winner and the defeated nominee or issue is equal to or less than one-half of one percent (0.5%) of the total votes cast. The Secretary of State will then order an automatic recount in any multi-county district elections. The Secretary also orders the automatic recount of any statewide election when the difference between votes cast for the declared winner and the defeated nominee or issue is equal to or less than one-fourth of one percent (0.25%) of the total votes cast in the race or issue.

Tied Races from the November 2nd General Election

Candidate races (decided by coin flip or by other means)

  • Brown: Higginsport Village Council- Scott Null
  • Crawford: Galion City 1st Ward Council - Kenneth E. Bodkins, Sr
  • Fulton: Metamora Village Council- John Pupos
  • Guernsey: Pleasant City Village Council- Melanie Scurlock
  • Licking: Board of Education - Newark CSD- Mark Christenberry
  • Lucas: Anthony Wayne School Board- Andrew Prine
  • Noble: Jefferson Township Trustee- Travis Zerger
  • Putnam: Jackson Township Trustee- Craig J. Brinkman
  • Seneca: Fostoria City Council, 4th Ward FTC-Thomas Lake
  • Shelby: Jackson Center Village Council-Jim Gooding
  • Stark: Sugarcreek Township Trustee- Bill Burtt
  • Wayne: Doylestown Charter Commission- Anthony Martin

Issues (tie votes fail)

  • Clermont: Milford Charter Referendum
  • Mahoning: Sebring Village additional Levy for Park and Recreational Purposes
  • Perry: New Straitsville Parks & Rec Levy
  • Paulding: Latty Village Tax Levy
  • Pickaway: Village of Williamsport EMS Levy
  • Tuscarawas: Barnhill Village Tax Levy


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