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Secretary LaRose Spotlights Ohio’s Agriculture Industry

Farming Operations in Licking, Mercer, Ross, Paulding, Huron, Coshocton, and Carroll Counties Are Feeding Ohioans Locally and Preserving Tradition

Today, Ohio Secretary of State announced seven unique businesses from across the Buckeye State who are in the spotlight as we recognize Ohio’s great agriculture industry. Our state relies on our land and the people who cultivate it. Agriculture is our state’s number one industry and today most of Ohio’s 77,000 farms are run by families. As farmers and the small businesses who support them are busy preparing for the harvest this month, Secretary LaRose is highlighting special businesses that provide not only for their families, but for their communities across our state.

These businesses play an active role in their community, created jobs, modernized farming operations, and even taken to social media to educate others on modern farming. This month’s business spotlight should inspire Ohioans to look up local farms in their area to procure meat, greens, milk, and even a fun family adventure and learning opportunity.

“Working on a small family farm taught me valuable life lessons, such as work ethic and grit,” said Secretary LaRose. “Ohioans are known for these values and they’re exemplified in our agricultural community. These are traditions that will continue to be passed on from generation to generation as Ohio’s oldest and largest industry continues to provide the food, fiber and fuel the world needs and to power our state’s economy.”

Learn more about the Ohio Business Spotlight – including the other industries and sectors recognized by the Secretary. To learn more about how you can make a difference in your community and become an entrepreneur, head to for more information.

Read more about these seven remarkable businesses.

1. MVP Dairy - Mercer County

2. Van Buren Acres - Licking County

3. Grahams Greens - Ross County

4. Cooper Farms - Paulding County

5. Dalton Farms - Huron County

6. Daugherty Farms - Coshocton County

7. Burgett Angus Farm - Carroll County

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