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Accountants Who Sign Up to Be Poll Workers Will Earn Education Credits

COLUMBUS – As Ohio continues our effort to recruit new poll workers in preparation for the fall election, the Accountancy Board of Ohio (ABO) will now allow Ohio Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) to obtain required Continuing Public Education (CPE) general credits for CPAs serving as poll workers in 2020. This builds off the recent decision by the Ohio Supreme Court to allow Ohio attorneys to obtain CLE credit in exchange for serving as poll workers. (Read more about that decision by clicking here.)

“Our biggest challenge right now is finding 35,000 Ohioans to serve as poll workers on election day,” said LaRose. “I’m glad that the Accountancy Board stepped up and incentivised Ohio CPAs to help defend democracy as poll workers. These trusted and skilled professionals will offer an important public service and learn more about how Ohio administers honest elections at the same time.”

Ohio’s CPAs will help balance the poll worker deficit by closing the GAAP with their human capital assets. This will be a credit to the profession by diversifying experience and delivering present value to the people of Ohio resulting in a healthy return on investment.

The Accountancy Board is supporting the poll worker recruitment effort by waiving the traditional approach to CPE and giving Ohio CPAs 4.8 hours of general CPE credit for serving as poll workers. 

“While this is much more community service than learning, there are aspects to the role that involve a CPA’s expertise [such as] ensuring independence, fairness, accuracy of a government process,” said John Patterson, Executive Director of the ABO.

The action by the ABO continues Ohio’s position as a national leader in creative poll worker recruitment strategies. CPAs who are interested in serving should sign up to be a poll worker at


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