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LaRose and Ohio Supreme Court Again Joining Forces to Boost Poll Worker Recruitment and Attorney Education

Lawyers for Liberty Became a National Model in the 2020 Election

COLUMBUS – Once again, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose and the Ohio Supreme Court are partnering together to strengthen poll worker recruitment while boosting educational opportunities for Ohio attorneys by renewing Lawyers for Liberty. An order, as approved by the Supreme Court this week, allows Ohio attorneys to receive required Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit for serving as a precinct election official in the May 2021 primary. The recruitment effort, branded as Lawyers for Liberty last year, will help ensure Ohio voters have a safe, secure, and fair election throughout the year.

“Growing up, I was always told to not mess with a winning streak,” said LaRose. “We’re on a big winning streak here in Ohio, including our efforts to bolster poll worker recruitment with creative and unique ideas. Thanks to our friends at the Ohio Supreme Court, we’ll be able to continue Lawyers for Liberty, once again offering a unique educational experience while fulfilling their patriotic civic duty.”

“When asked last year, Ohio’s attorneys stepped up,” said Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor. “Given the success in helping carry out the democratic process, I know we can build on the good will of our lawyers for the next election.”

A post-election review of Lawyers for Liberty revealed that 1,082 Ohio attorneys served as poll workers during the 2020 November election. This innovative recruitment campaign also resulted in other professional organizations, such as accountants, librarians, and realtors, to create similar programs encouraging members of those professions to serve as poll workers in Ohio. This creative approach to poll worker recruitment became a national model which was emulated in other states as well.

Lawyers for Liberty, combined with other recruitment efforts with businesses, veteran groups, charities, high schools & colleges, and barber shops led to a record total of 56,789 Ohioans trained and ready to serve as poll workers on Election Day 2020.

Just two weeks ago, Ohio won a Clearie Award for our innovative poll worker recruitment strategies.

Ohioans can sign up to be a poll worker at

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